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Temp guage

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This past weekend I tweaked my temp guage on my 87 Wrangler. The supposed replacement doesn't fit. (too big) I tried a CJ piece and it fits but the guage now is maxed out. I tried with three different pieces with no luck. when i disconnect the wire the guage goes to zero, so i know that its getting a reading. I stole/borrowed a temp gun from work and the engine temp was under 200 degrees. Any ideas? Its a 258 with fuel injection.. <IMG SRC="smilies/question.gif" border="0">
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The descrepency between your CJ and YJ gauge readings lays in the fact that the resistance values in both the temp and fuel indicator are reversed.
If you put a CJ sender in for the CJ gauge, the high resistance of the sender will properly read cold.
Your YJ sender offers low resistance on a cold engine causing the CJ gauge's needle to max out.
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