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Terminator 7Watt CREE LED Light Bars

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Terminator 7Watt LED Light Bars

Check out our new Terminator LED Light bars for 2015. https://www.sneveysoffroad.com/terminator_dr_series_led_light_bars/4_wheel_parts_off_road_parts
Made with 7w Phillips chips. These lights are the brightest LEDs we've seen hit the market. We are very exited to offer our new Terminator LED Lights to our customers. These come in 6" 12" 20" 30" 40" & 50" Dual & Single Row Light Bars - Flood/Spot Combo Beam - The new Terminator Series Off Road LED Light Bars are the newest addition to our stellar line of off-road products. Whether your driving a Car, Truck, Jeep, Rock Crawler, ATV, UTV, race vehicle or Sand Rail our Terminator Light Bars are the perfect addition to your ride! EVEN A BOAT! With a more focused beam you will have more light in front of you for your money. Snevey's Offroad is so confident in our Off-Road light bars that we offer a full 24 MONTH EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY which is very uncommon for an off-road related product. With this type of warranty & lifespan, LED light bars are sure to light up the night on your rig for years to come! Give us a call or shoot me a PM if you have any questions.
Using the latest in 4D lens technology to increase bulb efficiency, the best possible materials to improve longevity, and military breathers to prevent condensation while maintaining the best in waterproof seals, this light bar brings the best of all worlds to an affordable package.

There are a lot of factors to look at in light bars. Type of led chip, PCB board layout and electronics, amount of aluminum and type in extrusion, powder coating, optics, lens, hardware, gaskets, vents, environmental testing. We have built every part on the Terminator light bars to the highest level of quality to provide a robust light with awesome output and reliability. You will see most of the inexpensive light bars are just touting lumens. But lumens are only one part of the equation. Without the right electronics controlling the led and the right optics with the right amount of aluminum for heat dissipation, you cannot get the best performance. A lot of lumens is just a spec put on paper. It's like in audio. Watts. The cheaper amplifiers just slap a inflated watt number on the amp which doesn't equate to anything in real world use. We make sure the lumens actually mean something in real life by surrounding the LED's in the best materials possible to bring as much light out as you can use!
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Thank you Bryan. Shipping your new Terminator LED light bars out tomorrow.
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