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Just bought a "new" tow rig(6.2l diesel/TH400/205 in a 1ton GMC SRW) but the transmission cooler is the type inside the radiator only along with the Oil cooler. I am looking at installing some kind of stacked plate design transmission cooler but am unsure just how "big" i need to be. I am condisering either one of these....




along with a B+M temp gauge.

I will be towing about 7K of trailer and truck to Paragon and back this weekend so would like to get it in before friday.


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Not to hijack, but I have a Hayden Transaver cooler still in the box sitting here in my office that I can mail you today UPS or FedEx.

Model #1405A

15.5"x10"x3/4" are the dimentions, the box says this is rated for towing 10,000 lbs or a GVWR or 26,000 lbs.

Looking at the models you show, this one is thinner profile, but a good bit larger overall size.

$30 plus shipping and it's yours, just trying to help :)
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