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First off thanks to Matt Adair and Master Pull for going beyond the call and providing us with the equipment required to do our jobs, along with the added vehicles and crew, it’s greatly appreciated.

Second, a big thank you to the 23 recovery rigs and passengers that spent their time out on the course covering multiple locations, keeping track of every racer, and working long hours (6:00am -11:30pm) on their own dime. You guys did a great job!

And third, thanks to the racers. We saw a big difference this year in racers helping racers. Your help in spotting each other through or around troubled spots, rolling each other back over, and patients in bottle neck areas kept the course moving and the delays to a minimum.

Thanks again to all,
Doug - Extreme Wheelers 4 Christ

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Doug we all had a great time working with you, I hope you and your club enjoy all of the gear we brought down and can put it to good use in the future. Being on course for both of the LCQ days and Friday during the race was an amazing experience.

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