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I am not a veteran offroader,and I am the,biggest rookie of them all when it comes to racing but I do know that the heart of KOH is the people.The original 13,the race teams,the leaders that make this awsome event happen,and the thousands of fans that go to all kinds of extremes just so they can come out and watch. I am,and have been one of those fans that loves this race and the energy that surrounds it but this year it will be a little different for me.I will be riding shotgun with Jon Bundrant in my full bodied FJ Cruiser. WHy, Why,Why would you do such a rediculous thing?Why not race Stock Modified.Why embarase yourself and Jon?Why waste all of that money on an FJ Cruiser?Why didnt you build a buggy so that you could at least stay out of the way?
I think that it is great that there are different classes this year but to me KOH is Ultra4 Pro class and nothing else compares.To be on the same coarse ar:Campbel, Schere,Healy, Peligrino,Sacales, and Bullock who have become my heros is like racing NASCAR with Johnson,Gordon and Stewart. This is a dream come true.This is not just some promotional ploy, or another rich guy
trying to buy his way into the race, it is much deeper and meaningful than that.The answer to all of the questions goes back to what KOH is all about,the hearts of the people.My heart is in that full bodied FJ Cruiser,my heart is in that place we call The Hammers,and my heart is in this race which I think is the greatest event on the planet!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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