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Team racing in the famed Griffin King of the Hammers generates thousands for land use.

The 4405 Motorsport Fabrication Services (www.mfs-ca.com) "Land-use buggy", driven by Rock Zombie 4x4 club member Travis Carpenter in the famed 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers off road race, is currently being used for a race-a-thon to generate money for various land-use organizations. To date, the MFS 4405 race-a-thon has generated over $33,000 in pledges to land-use organizations such as the Blue Ribbon Coalition, The Rubicon Trail Foundation, various other land use organizations and "friends of" groups.

Much like a walk-a-thon, individuals can pledge any amount per mile made by Travis Carpenter in the grueling 135 mile off road race on February 12th. Furthermore, pledges can be made to any land use organization of the contributor's choice. For example, a pledge of 25 cents a mile would amount to $33.75 if Travis completes the entire race.

While many individuals are donating smaller pledges, companies such as 4Wheel Parts Wholesalers and Motorsport Fabrication Services have pledged upwards of $8,200 each. The race-a-thon has also expanded to other drivers in the race, one example being the Tin Benders 4x4 club pledging on their own drivers for a possible $8,200.

Pledges are being tracked on www.Pirate4x4.com, the largest 4x4 website in the world, and pledges can be made by e-mailing the amount per mile, the driver, and the organization to be donated to at www.pirate4x4.com. Individuals are responsible for sending the amount donated after the race to whichever organization they have pledged to.

Billed as the "toughest one day off road race on the planet," the Griffin King of the Hammers (www.kingofthehammers.com) has quickly become one of the biggest events in off-roading. With a mix of go-fast desert racing and hard-core rock crawling, the endurance race has attracted 100 of the most accomplished drivers in Rock-sports competitions.
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