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Welcome to ‘The Official Pirate4x4.com Jeep Talk Bible v3.0’

Newbies ... Watch This, it will help.... Newbies Watch This

This thread will be the culmination of the years of tech that has been posted on the Jeep forum(s), hopefully organized in such a way as to help new posters find their way on the board, as well as for the old guys to look back and go ‘what was I thinking?’. Please, if you see that the thread is open … DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD!! Most likely, a modification is being made and it will be closed momentarily.


Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board is known for its wealth of information and this Jeep information is designed to list the most common questions and answers that frequently get asked. The information in this post is a collection of everyone’s efforts to provide very accurate and detailed information but the website cannot be held responsible for mistakes. If you find false information and have good proof stating so, please contact the person that posted it so it can get corrected and will not mislead other people. Remember keeping the accuracy of this FAQ is a group effort. (Thanks to the Toyota Guys for that Disclaimer) :flipoff2:


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Jeep Talk Mission Statement (aka ... JTMS)

By WestSierraJeep
  • Hardcore is normal.
  • Sheet metal was straight in my Jeeps previous life.
  • Fuel Injection Rocks !
  • 60's 60's 60's 60's 60's 60's !
  • Scrap the 30 !
  • SOA is not a mod' it's a way of life !
  • If your sig. is over 3 or 4 lines, don't expect us to take you seriously,,, in fact you bore us !!!
By Putzboy
  • First you crawl, then you walk, then you drive, then you crawl again.......
  • T18
  • SM420
  • SM465
  • NP435
  • If you ain't puckered, you ain't WHEELIN'
By nasvik
  • If you have to ask, you don't need it.
By HighHooder
  • 36" tires really aren't that big.
  • Sheet metal cuts real easily with a sawzall.
By Charly
  • NV4500, it's not just for yuppies anymore !
  • You know shit loads about Fords, Chevys, Scouts, and even Volvos (York’s) because......they are donors to the good cause.
By Mo
  • The guy who decided to use Torx on Jeeps should be beaten severely.
  • Do it yourself if at all possible.
  • If you can't do it yourself, find a friend to help. You'll figure it out between the two of you.
  • AMC V8 swaps are trivial. Do it.
  • One ton CJs are cool.
  • Just weld something up.
  • It's perfectly normal to have several non-running vehicles in the yard, regardless of what the local law enforcement agency says.
  • Wave dammit.
  • The Liberty, though ugly as sin, is still a Jeep, but just barely.
By LarryM
  • No one here cares if Rubicon Express's control arms are better than Teraflex's... make your own damn it!
By doctor_G
  • Atlas II, If you can swing it, get it
  • This should be considered college level for wheeling Jeeps, so don't post kindergarten level topics.
By Steve N
  • 30's, 35's and 44's? Hell 60's 60's 60's were last year, now it's MOGS MOGS MOGS !!!
  • The known communists on this board don't drive Jeeps!
  • Chicks dig Jeeps!
  • Chicks that dig Cruisers usually think they're Jeeps!
  • No! Honey, IT'S not done yet!
  • Yes a tube bender is a perfectly good birthday present.(for your signinficant other). And if she doesn't like it toss her out with the dana 30
  • Stop whining about bolt ons, and make the freaking thing.
  • There's no such thing as too many Jeeps, just not enough space. (I think this one applies to me and Mark)
  • If I wanted to drive a foreign 4x I would move to another country.
  • If you need to know will 31" tires fit your stock rig, or weather chrome will blind the eyes of other's on the trail, or what color comes stock on a TJ ask here... http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=67
  • not HERE!
  • If you are a spineless dweeb that thinks that our style is crass and unfair, or that we are a bunch of insensitive, insulting, cheap bastards that would laugh our asses off at your misfortunes as you went through the box on the 'con. You're right. Develop thick skin, and an ability to dish it out, or go away. Remember this is the dark side.
  • Newbies, search first before you look foolish or else The Mayor will do both for you.
  • If you weren't here before the Feb. 2k crash, you can still be cool yet some will still think you are a newbie!
  • A fat wallet, a bought killer rig and an attitude do not make you a good driver.
  • Flat fenders came that way. What I did was sawzall my fenders, NOT make my round fender into a flatty.
By Rocktoad
  • You will roll it sooner or later.
  • Get in, ... Sit down, ... Shut up , an Hang on !
  • Go Big or go home !
  • __(OIIIIIO)__ rOkOn
By H8monday
  • All 4 wheels must participate, lock up your axles.
  • A roll cage is not an option, its mandatory.
  • You can learn how to help yourself, by helping others when they need a hand.
By Bob Levenhagen
  • BIG BLOCKS can, will, and do work in jeeps.
  • Full case Detroit’s are lockers.
  • Spools R Cool
by SledgeHammer
  • Body damage happens....get over it!
  • There two kinds of people that wheel:
  • a. The ones who have rolled
  • b. The ones that are going to roll
By badassjeepguy
  • god forgives..... rocks don’t
  • its mind over matter.. I don’t mind and the sheet metal don’t matter!
  • when the going gets tuff, the tuff get locked
  • it is perfectly ok to point and laugh at geo trackers that you pass by on the street
  • if you get your panties in a bunch from our ****ing attitude........leave!
  • “What’s that noise" just keep wheeling, you'll find it later.
  • DAMN!! It ain't supposed to do that!!
  • ANNOY A LIBERAL, Drive a big 4x4
By JeepinIan
  • When It Breaks, Upgrade!
  • There's no replacement for displacement
By The almighty Massey !
  • Do not ask what Massey is, figure it out!
By 66CJdean
  • If it aint broke. Don’t fix it!
  • When people ask you what year is it you ask, What part???
  • If you have to ask how to calculate crawl ratio? Yours isn't worth calculating.
  • First came Jeeps, then came the others.
  • If it starts, then drive it.. If the hubs lock, then wheel it.
By DippStick
  • Of course I'm going to wheel it..
By Bob/CA
  • If it ain't broke, fix it until it is.
  • There is no such thing as too much lift, as long as you have the tires to match.
By SledgeHammer
  • If it don’t fit get a BIGGER hammer!
By Lance (Sorry Belly up. Got to give credit where due.)
  • Drive it like you stole it !
By BellyUp
By Wooders
  • Get over it !
By RebelJeeper
  • Thats not a sunburn, been welding on the Jeep again.
By Roxie
  • Men dig chicks with big boggers
  • by Steve N AKA jeepnsn
  • Do 31" tires make my ass look fat?
  • Are you sure an 8.8 rear makes my ass look fat?
By Lame
  • Waggy springs work good, put 'em on already.
  • 18" of lift on a SWB Jeep is only cool at Potato Salad Hill.
By Chrisjeep7
  • Yes, you have to outboard your springs to fit real axles in a CJ!
By ItsaCJ6
  • If ya don't know whats broke, don't ask us how to fix it.
  • We don't fix Dana 30's
  • Its better not to ask about Dana 30's at all
  • Yes 10 bolts are gay, but they are better than Dana 30's
  • Everything is breakable!
  • Death wobble happens, get over it.
  • If you think it's unfair a newbie gets smacked, then your still a newbie.
  • Yes in fact someone has pissed in Keiths wheaties.
By monkeyevil
  • What size sawzall blades does it take to fit 37's?
  • When I said I was groovin' last night, I didn't mean dancin'.
By gumbojeepyj
  • From the chitchat forum-
  • How to post with out looking like a dumbass
From Dalec
  • Learn why reverse spiral gears don't make anything go backwards.
  • Don't start threads with, "I searched, and didn't find ... I've been wheeling for ... I'm not dumb ... I may be a newbie, but ... etc."
From UstabeaRenegade
  • A Dana 70 in the rear makes my ass look GOOD!
By Robert
  • Overbuilt is better than underbuilt every day of the week and twice on Saturday night after 8 cold ones and a dare by your best friend...
By RockCrusher
  • If you ain't been wheelin' for at least 20 years, you're still a friggin newbie!
By loves2wheel
  • "It's not a matter of IF but WHEN you roll"
  • live it, love it or get out
  • is his name, wheelin is his game
By midnightrider2480
By IndyCJ

By renegade_jeeper
  • If it flips don't bitch! Flip it over and get back on the trail!!!
By jr4x
  • Hard core is not just in the parts list you have on your rig. Its also doing whatever you have to irregardles of your equipment! A buggy in the garage is not as hardcore as a stocker on the trail.

4,628 Posts
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Jeep TOTM : Index

Spring Over Axle conversions
Diesel Swaps
Electrical Stuff
Frame Tech
Essential Field Fixes
Fuel Tank Tech
Strokin' it
On the skids
Roll your own frame
Gas tank tech
Leaf Spring Tech

Cherokee TOTM : Index

Unibody Boatsides and Sliders
Unibody dove tails and dove noses
Unibody front leaf spring conversions
Beefing the XJ Unibody
Unibody gas tank relocation
MJ/XJ/ZJ T-case Doublers
D300 swap Tips and Tricks
Unibody cage tie-ins.
Traction Bars
Unibody Chop Tops

Jeep TOTW : Index
Custom Suspensions
302 Engine Swaps
Fiberglass Fab
Hydro Steering
Setting your own gears
Upgrading your brakes
Roll cages
On board Air
Junkyard Parts
Four Link Suspensions
Exhaust Tech
Mix-n-Match Stock Parts
Beefing a Unibody
Retro Wheeling
Junkyard EFI
Fuel Injecting your GM Motor
Steering Tech
Summer Survival
Gas Tank Mods
Three Link Suspension
Auto Trannies
Advanced Fabrication
Tire Tech
Body Armor
Body Work
Keeping it Cool
SBC Engine Swaps using EFI
Winter Wheelin
Vintage Tech
Trail Etiquette
Building on a Budget
How to not get your rig jacked
Ignition Systems
Homemade Adapters
Rebuilding an Engine
Building a garage
Cool stuff for after the trails
Essential Field Fixes
How to improve a Dana 44
Shade tree custom fabrication
Stretching your Jeep
DIY Custom Width Axles
Rear Steering
TJ Fuel Cell Links

Picture threads.....

Cherokees (XJ's)
Grand Cherokees
Extended CJ-5's
Newbie Driveway Pics
Unibody Truck (MJ's)

Some other questions that get asked VERY often....

*These are all specific threads and there is alot of info, obviously ALOT can be added here! If you find a thread that is VERY
interesting, pm it to me and I'll add it here!

Turbo Tech .. by jpfrk2001
Narrowing a Front Axle
203/300 Doubler for AX-15
2.5L to AX-15 Swap
God of Suspension
4-link Analyzer
Inside Gas Tank Locations
Dana 44 vs. Ford 8.8
Building suspension links for Dummies
SM420 in a 4 banger YJ revisited
TJ Front Stretch
Rollcage to Frame Mounting
Wagoneer Dana 44's
Ultimate AMC V8 HEI Thread
E350 MC on YJ
Loppy's super steering
Onboard Shower Ideas
Dana 300 Flip Kit
You want Amps? I got your amps!
AMC 401 build up Q's
Rockwells, Rockwells and More Rockwells!
Radiator Tech
Ultimate TJ Build Ups and Swaps thread

Members Projects-- *

ashmanjeepXJ (Cherokee)
Project Unlimited (Unlimited TJ)
P&T Jeeps (TJ)
LAME (Willys/flattie thing)
Weezer (Commando)
BrettM (MJ)
SanDiegoCJ (CJ)
desertCJ (CJ)
Mark Bales (53 Willys with Mogs!)
Bushwhacker (TJ)
porndog (YJ)
sceep (CJ)
Jaffer (TJ)
Stinger124 (YJ)
Baldwin (Scrambler)
BadAZYj (YJ Buggy)
LUVMYTJ (TJ on Rockwells)
Gui's YTJ

*Note: I'm just randomly going through shiat. If I didn't post your rig, don't be a :crybaby:. There are ALOT
of projects going on, just picked some fine examples!

FAQ's from Other Boards or sites!

*if you think you need to keep all Jeep parts on your Jeep, you don't get it. :flipoff2:

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Mercedes FAQ
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Other Important Sites not PBB

Advanced Adapters Catalog
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