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The old 12 Valve is getting a little tune up...

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I just dropped my truck off this afternoon to get a much needed tune up. It's a 98 CTD 12 valve Quad cab 5 speed with 105K miles. I needed to have the KDP done as well as a new serp. belt and a new fuel solenoid boot installed. I recently replaced the fuel filter, rubber fuel lines, lift pump and a bunch of other crap.

Now I'm having a 4K spring kit installed, the fuel plate will get a little grinding, I'm having a 4" Magnaflow exhaust installed with no cat and a straight through muffler, having the timing set as well as adjusting the valves and the injector pump timing. He'll also turn up the injector pump and see how much power I can get out of it before I start eating up the stock clutch. I'm looking for a balance between decent power and reasonable EGT numbers, I know I can take it higher but I don't want to be past 1050 - 1100 when towing if at all possible.

Can't wait to get it back and feel the difference, she's been feeling very sluggish lately. :)
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I am just curious - what are you paying the shop for all of this work? (if you don't mind me asking!) I have a 97 12v and I am looking at doing a lot of the same work so I am curious.
Is there any reason you're not doing it yourself? Nothing on that list seems to be too bad to do, just possibly time consuming.
without specialty tools the timing isn't easy at all. The governor springs aren't bad but time consuming. I assume you are doing heavier valve springs too with the 4gsk. Pther stuff wouldn't be too bad just have to know where to turn what, but sometimes it's just easier to have someone else do it.

Yeah, I missed the timing part. That is the one thing that I will take to the shop to have done just so I don't have to deal with it. :)
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