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The old 12 Valve is getting a little tune up...

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I just dropped my truck off this afternoon to get a much needed tune up. It's a 98 CTD 12 valve Quad cab 5 speed with 105K miles. I needed to have the KDP done as well as a new serp. belt and a new fuel solenoid boot installed. I recently replaced the fuel filter, rubber fuel lines, lift pump and a bunch of other crap.

Now I'm having a 4K spring kit installed, the fuel plate will get a little grinding, I'm having a 4" Magnaflow exhaust installed with no cat and a straight through muffler, having the timing set as well as adjusting the valves and the injector pump timing. He'll also turn up the injector pump and see how much power I can get out of it before I start eating up the stock clutch. I'm looking for a balance between decent power and reasonable EGT numbers, I know I can take it higher but I don't want to be past 1050 - 1100 when towing if at all possible.

Can't wait to get it back and feel the difference, she's been feeling very sluggish lately. :)
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so much faster it's a bit scary to drive. :D
That won't last long.... Then you will be doing a clutch job :smokin:
That won't last long.... Then you will be doing a clutch job :smokin:
I hope that can wait a couple months, I travel a lot so I really don't drive it that much plus when I'm home I use the Jeep a lot. This really is my tow rig so as long as I can baby it and still tow my TJ I'll be ok... for a little while at least. :D
Look into Luk and Southbend when you upgrade.

I would not buy a luk clutch. Ive twisted the centers out of 2 of them already. I didnt have the money for a southbend so I bought a sachs instead. It was actually cheaper than the luk but Ive already got more miles out of it than both luks put togather. The luk has four little tabs they bend over to hold the center plates togather, needless to say they shear easy. The sachs that most would consider to be less quality has 6 large rivits holding it togather.

i've got a couple buddies running a clutch from valair. i think you can get one rated for 450hp for i want to say $500, but im not sure.
I've got a Southbend dual disk ceramic Works really good, not cheap. its actually the SBC 3600DD 6CB. I;ll have to see if it holds the next level of power coming, maybe 1 more upgrade in my future.

Now I can only assume you have the NV4500 in there. When a clutch is due for you, I would recommend upgrading the input shaft to 1 3/8" and corresponding pilot bearing. Then you can run a 13" clutch. Stocker is 1 1/4" input and 12 1/4" clutch.
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