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The Right Call...

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I would just like a competitors point of view on this subject. I think we have all seen the thread where Tracy officially decides to bow out of the sport. As trying to stay as professional as possible, we have decided it was best if we just let the thread die off. This is mainly in part of some of the fans that are tracy's, even though their last attended event would be years ago they still feel like they were there and that they have all the reason in the world to talk shit.

My Situation is...
First call
Judge sees Tracy hit a cone. Calls Cone and ads 10 pts. Tire runs over a corner of the cone, I saw it with my own eyes, though that does not matter as I am not a judge. Tracy never looked at the cone, but says that if his brother says it wasn't a cone, then it wasn't a cone. Even though Jason Jordan has NEVER lied about a call that I know of, this is not about lieing, it's about what specifically the judge saw. I backed the judge as he said he saw it with his own eyes.

Second call
Tracy is on his next course and his Rear Steer moves. Judge Calls Penalty. Tracy Flips out. Says that it is not his fault but PSC's and that we should talk to them. Blaims issue on Mechanical failure. I backed the judge as I feel that if we let it fly that it could open up more grey areas. This has happened before to other teams and the exact same result came. (Grey Areas: "My tranny slipped and I rolled back and hit a cone, I shouldn't be called for the cone or the back, it's not my fault" etc)

Both times were accurate calls that I would have made as a judge. Both calls were backed because I felt they were accurate, definitive calls. My job is to over turn misunderstanding of the rules, not judgement calls.

My question: Did I do my job?
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We all want to take all the judgement calls out of the sport. I think if Tracy goes back and thinks about it he'll see the right call was made. Hitting the cone.....if the judge saw it, you saw it and the spotter didnt then kinda tough on their part to say it wasnt a cone. I've never been one to like the cones with the bases on them due to it increasing the area of the cone and not having a specific "point" on the course. If everyone has to deal with it. So be it.

The rear steer....if it moved it moved. Now, I've seen rear steer on climbs when the vehicle is denied that on return to the bottom the rear steer will get pinned by force of the tires if they are hit sideways by a rock or something. Do we call that rear steer also? Tough call. If the tires wiggled on course due to some faulty part, that sucks. Really does, if it moved about a half inch I dont think it helps but you also cant begin to have grey areas to determine certain situations for competitors. Like you said it would open a huge case of worms.

I think you made the right calls on both circumstances. Just sucks on both sides. I for one havent seen the thread.
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If the judges calls a cone and there was not a misunderstanding of the rules, it's a cone.

If, after you have entered the course, your rear steering knuckle angle changes by accident, push from an outside force, or on purpose, it's rear steer.

It's pretty black and white and you did not need to make any calls in the first place...they were penalties, so be it.

As for Doug's comment that it sucks for both sides...no, it doesn't suck on Tracy's side. He drove over a cone and his rear steer turned. Welcome to competition.
I agree with you guys. You hit a cone, you hit a cone. I don't care if the driver or spotter didn't see it. The judge did - that's why they're there.

I agree with Dustin's comment on rear steer as well.

Lil I think you made the right call. Tracy needs to suck it up.
Was there in Tuscon and made a call on the same person...cone is a cone, you need to be fair to all, heck the competitor right before made it through with room to spare and the team that was in second place was right next to me, I couldn't have made it more obvious that it was a concern...Big made it simple...be fair to all....
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