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Ok, I might catch double hell and get moved to Chit Chat, BUT..

I believe in PBB.

I really do.

And I believe it's being run quite well.

I've been lurking for a long time. I'm not much of a joiner, I haven't paid my bucks to get a star.

I've read thousands of posts before I finally registered as a Newbie. I actually recognize personalities, matching names with avatars (especially when they change) what people think, who knows who, who knows what they are talking about.

I can recognize a dipshit thread in 7 words or less. Usually by the title.

Camo (and some of the others) may be an ass, (sorry. How about sanctimoneous ass?) but he maintains the purity of the board. And I appreciate him. Thanks to the Moderators, this truely is the best tech board on the web. Period. Where else do you go for info?

Am I a hypocrite for posting this not on chit chat? I don't think so. This is the place where this needs to be said. I'm proud to be a semi-member, adding to and hopefully raising the level of knowledge among my fellow off-roaders by asking intelligent questions.

Even if I'm not paying.

I don't think that paying $20 gives you the right to denigrate the board. There ought to be a warning or two before you are kicked. Then it ought to be enforced. Maybe a pro-rated refund.

I've read alot lately about "I paid my $20 I can say whatever the hell I want It's a free country". Nope.

You want to run amuck and post random off-topic incorrect retard shit, go elsewhere. There's lots of BS boards out there. How much attention do you pay to them?

You don't like it, go elsewhere.

This is a fanfuckintastic place to go to find info. About anything. If I could make only one suggestion, I would make the SEARCH button bigger.

Keep up the good work, Moderators.


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Less yappin', more payin'! PBB is an amazing site because a dedicated handful of people work their asses off to make it so. I've already paid my second annual $20, seems like a small price to pay for the amount of learning I've done and the money I've saved by having all that information at my disposal.
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