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I mean, anything is possible, right? :D

The poor teal beast has been road-bound for about 2 and a half years.

She currently sits on...

-6" SOA w/ 1" RE springs (not the cool military-wrapped ones even :shaking: )
-D30 front w/ 4.56s
-Chrysler 8.25 w/ 4.56s, a lunchbox locker and problems
-NV3550 (practically new)
-NP231 with SYE and fully splined, beefy tailshaft
-Tom Woods HD CV driveshaft
-35" MT/Rs
-Dodge alternator (I forget the output on it)
-Optima Yellow-top battery
-Skyjacker Nitro shocks

Oooooooh and the problems...

-The gears in the D30 are shot (R&P ate each other, for funsies) and driver's seal is fried
-1 spring is bent 4-5 degrees at the frame mount
-Chrysler 8.25 has a hole the size of a lemon on the driver's side of the axel housing and one of the teeth in the ring gear is sheared off; the passenger side tube is also bent ~2 degrees back
-E-brake is non-present
-4wd linkage isn't installed
-hole in the passenger side where the rear-outer seat mount should be
-exhaust is totally f*d
-no rear bumper/tow points

Things I'd like to accomplish (in no particular order):

-new front/rear axel (locked, geared)
-tummy tuck (flat skid, possibly fuel-cell)
-electric fan
-rock sliders
-rear/front traction bars
-shackle flip
-1-2" body lift
-full, frame-tied cage
-T-case e-brake

I think that covers it. Again, suggestions welcome. Given all the woes, she still finds the willpower to start up and run around when I feel frisky which is why I've held on. That and I can't find another teal vehicle! :p

As it stands, I have no inclination to swap out the drivetrain. As you may be able to tell by the laundry list of problems, I've not been kind to this baby and, motor to t-case, it's never even so much as looked at me sideways.

Summer is setting in and I'm starting to get that itch again.

She must crawl.

So I come to you, hat in hand. At very least, the front end needs to be replaced. The rear could use replacing, but runs fine as is. The hole is a worry, of course.

I have a few questions for anyone that cares to jump in. And if you want to share your opinion on a direction you think I should take this project, feel free.

I plan to stay SOA as I don't have the cash to fix everything and do a 4-link/coilovers. However, since the front is probably being scrapped anyway, would it be worth the time/effort to put the front on coil springs?

How badly could/would my road-ride deteriorate with full-width axels on SOA? Coiled front? We're talking short bursts on the highway (65-70mph tops) and around town, it would be towed to the wheeling grounds.

Is it even inspectable with full-widths (in TX)? How about with a T-case e-brake?

Any suggestions on axels, full or otherwise, that would be easily/cheaply hi-steer'd? While not necessary now, one day, surely, it will be a concern.

Another concern is the exhaust. As it stands, when it worked, the driver's side floor-board would be hot to the touch. This sucks in ways I can only begin to convey. Any suggestions on decreasing the exhaust heat or a different route for the exhaust (as it will almost certainly need replacement)? Also cheap, easy suggestions for the replacement would be boss.

Assuming a $1,500 budget, how reasonable is this to get accomplished? Any opinion on ranking the problems/solutions, either by cost or urgencey?

I think that covers it for now. Thanks in advance.


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I'd try to find a set of waggy or scout d44s, flat top knuckles (for hi steer now or later; if you're lucky they'll be on the waggy axle), and leave it SOA. Easier, still plenty capable, and more streetable (easily streetable, at least).

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Sure, but how do you find a set that someone thinks ISN'T plated in gold?

I'm talking to a guy right now with a set, already hi-steer'd, but it'll eat my whole budget and I'd still have to regear and rework them.

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Which model Nitro shocks do you have and how you like them?

I can't decide between RS5000 (turned the shafts blue on these suckers) or skyjacker 8000 (never tried them).

Also, it seems 8.25s and D35 share that same degree bend, I think they come stock like that, another reason lunckbox lockers aren't great in them, I went through my fair share of crapbox lockers:D

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It's the 8000's. Unfortunately, they went on post-breakage and have never seen a trail-ride.

But they street around great. Before I was rolling on $100 Pro-Craps and it's a world of difference from those. They're a touch on the stiff side, but certainly not unbearably so.

I like my road-feel a little taut anyway so in my mind that's a +.

Actually, back when I was researching, those were my two choices as well and I ended up with the Skyjackers because a bud got me a pretty sweet little discount.

Think I'm going to initiate the fine art of low-balling this guy for his pair of D44's. What y'all think, $500 a good starting point? Or too high? :D I'll offer to pick up and bitch endlessly about gas prices.
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