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Well, I have had my 1983 toyota 4x4 for a few years now, and I would like to post up what i have done to the turtle

forward : Rock crawling is so different from almost all the other motor-sports out there. You have complete freedom as to what you can do, along with that, it really boils down to your engineering skills, and your imagination. With that being said; lets roll. It is just fun as hell, on and off the trail, . :flipoff2:

It all started by purchasing my '83 toy from one of my older brother's friend for $1000.00

The truck was complete garbage. The damn thing didn't run to save its own life. Everything was broken or incomplete.

Here is a pic of when i got it:

I then worked on it as much as I could just to get it running.

did the following:


oil change
tranny swap (tranny popped out of gear)
tranny fluid
t-case fluid
power steering fluid
clutch & brake fluid
all new drive belts (3)
new starter
new alternator
new battery
new carb
new starter cable
new ground cable
new idle pulley bearing
new fluid in the f/r diffs
new radiator fluid + cap
new spark plugs
new cap + rotor
new horn ( mandatory in cali, you haters!!!)

Now at this point i was already completely fed up with the truck.
Just spending way too much money on the damn thing, and it still handled like crap. All 4 tires leaked and were bald + the rattle can primer was peeling. the steering was so bad.

But suddenly the truck was hella fun to drive. Just smashing around town, and urban wheeling :D So I kept going, learned about rock crawling and then learnded about this place -pbb . I full well knew what i was getting into but here we go .


So I bought a ton of new parts and got to work

damn near a SAS kit!

front end before:

hub to hub here we go:

marlin knuckle rebuild kit + wheel bearings
sky hy-steer
3" buggy all-pro spings
sky "boomerang" shackles
all-pro front hanger
new napa rotors
new semi-metallic brake pads
sky u-bolt flip kit
tg axle armor
sky axle truss
tg "thick knuckle ring" protector(s) [ rock ring]
backing plate eliminators
stainless steel brake lines

While I was doing it I figured it would be good to just work on the axle in the comfort of my own garage not out side.

My neighbors thought I was crazy.

after pic :

paint :

I didn't want to spend much money on paint. Plain and simple. And after a trip to hollister where I quickly learned/watched a truck getting "tuna canned" in tank; it made me feel much better about my decision. So I picked up some shit green "zero-rust"

new paint yo' :smokin:

also picked up some (5) 35''s bfg all-terrains of craigslist. for $250 :smokin: all hold air + rims are nice and straight. 2 of them were brand new.

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then the truck worked great for months and one day i was driving home on the freeway cruising at about 55 ( 4.10's w/ 35''s :shaking:)

and my tranny broke off from my engine. :eek:


left side:

right side (starter side)

it grinded all the teeth off the flywheel.

all bad

yanked the old, tired, engine out :

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So the engine was still good but the engine block was toast.

picked up a block off craigslist for FREE and got to work :stirthepot:

new block:

warning its ugly:

took everything out and went to my buddy's machine shop in hayward , ca

hot tanked , bored 50. over ,decked milled.


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now i wanted performance + smog legal (oxymoron; i know. :shaking:)

so i had him port the head :

10/10 crank , eagle pro h new rods ( i think :confused: )

and had him assemble the 22r because he has been building race engines for 30 years :smokin:

i love my ups lady!!!

new "torque cam" from toy head auto

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so the head was done:

check out the old timing cover. the timing chain wore down all the way!!!!!

and before i knew it the short block was done:

brought it home

and got more work done:stirthepot:

so i prepped up for the new marlin "super heavy duty" clutch

before :

new throw out bearing and clean:

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me getting it done with the death face on.

then painted block + valve cover

done :

green yo'


clutch kit came: installed now drop in day:


new fly wheel too!!!

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missed a spot with the paint! :laughing:had to say it, sorry. lookin' good brosef.
edit- thats a butt-load of pics there sailor. settle down! with that many pics you better have some wheelin pics, or better yet, boobies! not yours though, mmmkaaay?

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the only issue i had with the clutch install; when i ordered the "clutch kit hardware" from marlin, i thought it was new bolts for the flywheel, but i guess they were just for the "clutch cover plates" :( i wanted new flywheel bolts too. the old bolts were not in too bad of shape so i reused them.
flywheel bolt on right!

then when i was finding lock-tite the engine chain broke :eek:

my friend making sure nothing was wrong with the picker

with a new set of underwear on I continued working.

bolted to tranny with the basics:


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I called it the end of the day, at that point.

PART 5 D-DAY + 1

worked all morning and came to this:

finished up all the odd's and end's now it was time to fire up!:D

took out spark plugs and cranked engine over for a little while to prime engine.

shortly there after, i quickly realized i forgot
to put in the oil sending unit :homer:

so i spilled a nice 1/2 quart of joe gibbs performance break-in oil on the ground : :shaking: :mad3:

then fixed that issue , then primed the engine again, and when to fire it up and worked!!!!!

now im the break-in process.
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