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got a cj, and abuse it thoroughly, both axles are seriously bent...
I want to go to a set of full width 85ish dodge 3/4 ton axles(44F-60R).... just cause i have one avail.... this is still in the dreaming phase, and i know ill take a lot of flak for these q's but..
-if anyone has done this before, were you able to use the original front spring stance, or did you have to widen it? -Ive heard of a few ways to do that, is there any good advice(someting that worked well)?
-if i widen the front, should i widen the rear?
-What about the steering... what are the common complications, before i get into this?
Thanks for any reply, just trying to gather advice before i get myself into someting
...I plan on running 16.5" rims and 36.5"hummer tires,
I catch a little air, but only when climbing banks, and slamming down....maybe the occasional power wheelie;)
and i would like to be in the local mud bog drag race assoc.

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well start with searching :flipoff2: the words you want are "outboarding" "outboard" as this is what you will have to do to the front hangers.
definatly use the newbie section, it is your friend

i personaly wouldnt use the dodge 44 front as the spring pads are diffrent distance apart than most other fullsize 44's so if you did tweak the housing and need to replace you would have to get another dodge 44 ,with the others just get another(also leave the option of a 60 in the front later)
If you are doing it for the dodge 5on5.5 lug pattern just use the dodge outers.

but you can still use the dodge just keep that width in mind

as for the rest of the questions, delete this post and ask it in the newbie section without fear of flame and it will be answered

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Yes, yes, no. Yes
Bump steer, turning radius and interference between pitman arm and tie rod.

You're welcome.
Depends on what tire size and how much air you catch.
Depends on the trails you run.

Hope this helped, for more detailed answers, you might try the Search feature of this BB.
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