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Forest Chief: Rule Will Take Effect

.c The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) - A ban on road-building in a third of the nation's forests
will go into effect this Saturday, even as the administration works to revise
the rule, Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth told senators Tuesday.

The administration announced last week that it would implement the
Clinton-era policy that would prohibit logging and road-building, except in
rare circumstances, on 58.5 million acres of federal forest land. But the
administration also promised it would amend the rule to allow more local
input in the process.

Bosworth told the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee that he
envisioned an opportunity for people with local knowledge to make
adjustments, including on some maps.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., asked Bosworth how revising the rule - and the public
comment period that then will be required - would affect implementation.

``We'll have to see what kind of comments we get back on our proposal to
amend the rule to see what kind of adjustments we make,'' Bosworth said.

The rule, unveiled by President Clinton in early January, is facing legal
challenges across the country, including in Idaho where the state and timber
company Boise Cascade have asked a federal court to block the policy. The
judge could rule as early as this week.

Conservationists, who greeted the decision to implement the ban with
skepticism and cautious optimism, have expressed concerns that the proposed
changes, expected in June, could weaken the policy.

Meanwhile, Western Republicans and the timber industry have been critical of
the rule, which they considered a blanket mandate from Washington rather than
an approach that considers specific forests. Generally, they hailed the
administration's decision to revise the rule, though some weren't entirely
pleased it would take effect.

``We need to take a long, hard look obviously at these roadless
protections,'' said Sen. Craig Thomas, R-Wyo.

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Forest Service roadless policy: http://www.roadless.fs.fed.us/

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I'm posting this at another board & e-mailing to the club I belong to.

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<font color="yellow">Be Sure To Tell Them It's NOT too LATE!!! - They still need to be involved and write and call their comments in. We need to stay on top of this! If we let it go it will wind up right back where it started. Bush and Norton are not really in favor of the Roadless Rule. We need to keep telling them they have our support and keep submitting our comments. It's time to pull out all the stops!!</font c>
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