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BJ On Roids said:
hey what was the biggest mishap in a cruiser that bruter did??

we never found out! :D :flipoff2: camawwwn
Well, I suppose... I guess you could say I'll do anything for the "BJ":D

Around 6 years ago, I purchased my 66' 40, it needed a lot of work, so I started to tinker with it, with the little I knew. After a while, I started getting the "Fuck It's"... so I pawned it off on Jeremiah (poor bastard! he didn't know that his shop would soon turn into a safe haven refugee camp for ignorant cruiser owners!:D ) So anyhoo, after Jeremiah got through the works, engine/carb, lift/shackle reversal, cage, etc... I thought I would go show it off to some friends that lived way off in the San Juan mountains, 'bout a 2 1/2 hour drive. It started to get close to dusk, especially early when your in the mountains, so I'm on my way back. I got the top off, still a little warm(with the sun still out), the Cruiser's running great, enjoying the "altitude":smokin:
As I proceed to crest the peak and descend down the mountain, I shifted down, let off the gas, and coasted down without using the brakes (sounds pretty common so far)... I decided to give it a littlle gas and all I received was an increase in RPM's... oh shit! I'm thinking/yelling. Not knowing what could be wrong, I decided to just coast as long as I could to try to make it to the next town, most of the descent being downhill, I thought I had a chance to do so. Well, I finally came to the end of the line, proceeded to check everything (that I knew of) linkage, etc... What the [email protected]*#... I'm messing with the clutch, in&out,etc (in & out man), but am going nowhere! I tried "pushing" the heavy M.F. a little further, but that was a lose/lose situation (lose your patience & your breath!) "I have no choice", now contemplating on walking... almost 20 miles! Yep, you guessed it! I walked. Finally got picked up with just a mile left (as it's getting VERY dark)... got to the nearest phone to call a friend, who is also a fellow cruiser owner... "Shit man, can you come and get me" With an hour drive ahead of him, all I could do was to ponder the thoght of what could be wrong and how can I get it back. Now we're on our way up to check out my cruiser and to show him the problem. I jumped into the driver seat, pushed in the lever on the dash, :rolleyes: , looked at my friend and said, "watch, I'll show you!" Because I was "pumping" the clutch earlier, without comprehension, I proceeded to "pop" the clutch this time to prove my point that something was wrong. When I did, the Cruiser lunged forward, running over my buddies foot, and crashing into the front of his Cruiser. Yep, you guessed it, the T-Case poped into neutral... out of all the thinking/checking done, I didn't have enough common sense (or brain cells) to see the high/low shifter on the dash in an uncommon position:rolleyes: I was punished for my stupidity on the drive home... late, dark, cold... & no coat! Woooooo!

Even though the contest is over, I thought I would spice up PBB with a little humor (I was forced to talk :flipoff2: ) This is not only to tell a story, but to prove a point... LEARN! For all the beginners, you may need help, but try to learn everything there is to know about your rig, insted of "pawning" it off on someone else... Now after years of wheelin', fixin', & restorin', I can say I'm fairly competant now ( thanx to Jeremiah), but you gotta admit, that's pretty fookin' funny!
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