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How high are you?
I'm good and high :rasta:

Oh you mean the truck...

Expect about 6-8 inches of lift. You'll be impressed the first time a full size dog walks under your rig without ducking.

I went out and measured 58 inches to the window sill. That's the low (driver's side) cause mine's leaning and my springs are pretty flat these days.

Wheeling trips are fine becuase you can park next to a rock or a log, but it's a big step up in a Walmart parking lot.

I've also collected a set of 4x12 blocks to stack up to three high around the front when working on the engine. At 6'-3", and with the bullbar and side bars, the hood hits me about mid chest. A shorter fella might have a hard time checking the dipstick without a ladder.

I'm currently thinking a little more lift and some bigger tires would be great.
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