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Since no one's answered...

Mine sat at about 5" over stock when I first did the spring over. My front springs quickly died and I replaced the fronts with a healthy set of stock springs that shot me up to 6" above stock. So if you are using healthy 2.5" lift springs (when sprung under), it is about 8" taller. 4" springs and you have a big ass truck. Some people are using the 2.5" springs with their SOA and are running 35's and it still looks normal though the truck sits fairly tall. I think it's a great setup if you have a lot of weight in the truck. With a SOA with stock springs unless you have a big beefy set of 33s they will look small. 35's are just about perfect IMO.

I hope this helps. Never measured the window sills. If your wife/girlfriend etc is little, she'll have trouble getting in no matter how tall. It's still a little drop down and I'm 6'5.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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