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TJ 1ton brake fix is it a 98 3500 VAN or RAM MC?

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easy questions going to need to do this cas when im 4wheelin the brake pedal drops so im going ot do my upgrade just seeing if i shoud do a van or ram?
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What axles are you running? If you don't have 1 tons, it won't make a difference. It has a nice hard feeling in the pedal but made no difference on stopping any better. I have chevy 3/4 ton front calipers and explorer disc on the rear. I have a dodge 3500 truck master cyl if you still want to do it that I can sell you.
4 wheel disk or drums in the rear? theres a REALLY good write up where every question to be asked is answered somewhere about MC swaps for 1 tons. try and browse a bit


found it
i have 14 bolt disc brakes in rear and dana 60 front with 1/2 ton brakes chevy conv. kit i belive...but need more pedal since im already sometimes gettin a very low pedal...how much you want PM me
read it, that set up has been adressed plenty...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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