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Tj rear bumper question.

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How much do most tj aftermarket rear bumpers weigh? I just made mine outta 3/16" steel and its about 50lbs. Is that normal or on the heavy side?
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That doesn't sound too heavy to me. Long as its stout to back up the weight. Think of how much a rear bumper with tire carrier and spare tire weighs? I'm betting more than that.
Its 2 50"s long 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 3/16" wall square tubing stacked on top of each other , welded together the entire length of the seem front and back and angled off at the ends. Should be pretty tough.... well should be anyway. Total cost of the entire bumper is $15 bucks. Including gas, welding rods, electricity, steel, and paint. Score me.:flipoff2:
Its not too bad. Are you going to add a tire carrier? If so then 50 lbs is nothing anyway. Lets see this $15 dollar beauty. :flipoff2:
Nah Im not doing any tire carrier... well atleast right now anyway, doubt I ever will. Ill give you guys some finished photos tomorow. I ran outta scrap, I still need to fill in the corners. Itll be another 2 bucks more or so. So I take that back its about a 17-20 dollar bumper. Youll see my fine craftsmenship.:lmao:
Fuckin' A its all about doing it and having fun right? Post em up if you can. You can host em from Photobucket if you dont have a red star or email em to me at [email protected] and I'll host em for you.
Thanks man will do. Itll be the first thing ive welded/fabricated... haha worst comes to worst im out 20 bucks...Im willing to risk that. Its trailer pulled so I dont have to worry about it falling off on the highway.
I still have some filling and grinding to do but this is the unpainted product. Im at about 20 bucks total now.http://s1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc498/ezalycasaid/?action=view&current=IMG_0285.jpg
The rear crossmember isn't very thick on a TJ/LJ so I'd recommend you use some frame tie-in brackets. I got mine from Rock Hard 4x4.

Other people make them as well.
Not a bad idea.
if you can weld up a bumper, why couldnt you weld up some "frame tie in" brackets yourself?

why would anyone building a bumper buy those brackets?
Well my thought was to take a 1 ft long 6x6x 3/16 or 1/4" wall piece of square tubeing and cut it from coner to corner and Ill have 2. Just use my drill press I got today. Ill just weld in a gusset. Should be like 5-10 bucks. However I do appreciate everyones suggestions on the tie in brackets cause now I know what to do for more strength.
QUOTE=2JSC;13803018]I see your Diff ain't as green as it used to be. :D

<- AzTJ from WF (we met briefly in Moab)[/QUOTE]

Oh yeah, how ya been man? I actually did ALOT to the jeep since that day. I stretched to 100" WB and triangulated the rear. Went down to a 4.5" lift. Put an HP30 up front with a truss and ARB locker.
Ok made a much better looking one. This one cost about 50 bucks. Can I get u to do the none click one again please sir.http://s1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc498/ezalycasaid/?action=view&current=IMG_0300.jpg

Sweet - nice job for only $50... and good deal with the 100" WB, I hope to get there some day.
Thanks man. I did the stretch for $500 including materials.
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