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Tj rear bumper question.

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How much do most tj aftermarket rear bumpers weigh? I just made mine outta 3/16" steel and its about 50lbs. Is that normal or on the heavy side?
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Its not too bad. Are you going to add a tire carrier? If so then 50 lbs is nothing anyway. Lets see this $15 dollar beauty. :flipoff2:
Nah Im not doing any tire carrier... well atleast right now anyway, doubt I ever will. Ill give you guys some finished photos tomorow. I ran outta scrap, I still need to fill in the corners. Itll be another 2 bucks more or so. So I take that back its about a 17-20 dollar bumper. Youll see my fine craftsmenship.:lmao:
Fuckin' A its all about doing it and having fun right? Post em up if you can. You can host em from Photobucket if you dont have a red star or email em to me at [email protected] and I'll host em for you.
Click free. It looks good. Flap wheel it up some to clean the sides it'll look seemless. And yeah get some tie ins like Gary suggested. I have the Jeeperman ones same as the Rockhard.
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1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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