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bigcisd1 said:
how do you like the rock krawler 5.5 that was what i was thinking of geting
I think it's an awesome system. I wheel with a lot of guy's running it out a Paragon and zero issues to date. Excellent in the rocks. Archie Verone runs RK in his jeep in comp in UROC, only issues he's had are broken bolts for the arms, after upgrading them, zero issues. I actually haven't been out the door with mine yet, jeeps still being finished....but for the $$ I don't think there is a better system out there....

I know the old stuff is crap, but RK has put a lot of work into their stuff and to me it's the best out there....as for customer service, I have had no issues and have talked to Jeremy on the phone and he answered all my questions and no BS.........only other lift I would consider is Clayton's....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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