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Thanks everyone who came out Linn, Missouri on the 29th to make it such a great show. I'll have complete results on my site soon, but for the time being, here are the winners:

*Real Street up to 35.0" Pit
1st Randy Wilson 110' 0"
2nd George Bass 99' 1"
3rd Scott Harris 96' 11"

*Street Stock Fast Track
1st Ian Diegelman 3.091
2nd Mike Carnes 3.096
3rd Dean Axcell 3.097

*Hot Street up to 38.0" Pit
1st Gator Chapman 18.301
2nd Ronnie Chapman 18.587
3rd William Smith 132' 1"

*Women's Hot Street up to 38.0" Pit
1st Tiara Bass 124' 8"
2nd Mary ent 97' 4"
3rd Stephanie Curtis 36' 3"

*Super Stock Fast Track
1st Sam Lambasio 2.394
2nd Sam Lambasio 2.691
3rd Jerry Norris 2.885

*Outlaw Stock up to 40.0" "Pit"
1st Bill Littrell 22.467
2nd Mitch Branson 27.258
3rd Mike Trader 102' 0"

*Pro DOT Fast Track
1st Sam Lambasio 2.346
2nd Marc Hess 2.362
3rd Travis Griffith 2.367

*Pro DOT up to 50.0" Pit
1st Keith Pinkston 14.480
2nd Troy Shockley 15.235

*Pro Stock Fast Track
1st Brian Erne 2.157
2nd Travis Griffith 2.215
3rd Sam Lambasio 2.227

*Women's Pro Stock Fast Track
1st Kelsey Gibler 3.050
2nd Karen Littrell 3.480

*Altered Pit
1st Marty Sontheimer 3.445
2nd Greg Booker 5.069
3rd Kyle Pinkston 124' 10"

*Modified Fast Track
1st Brian Erne 2.159
2nd Steve Jones 2.216
3rd Doug Cottrell 2.291

*Pro Modified Fast Track
1st Shawn Barber 1.788
2nd Andy Garrett 1.861
3rd Jim Powers 1.883

*Outlaw Truck Pit
1st Chris Ludwig 3.661
2nd Cory Fancher 4.459
3rd Benji Fitzsimmons 1"

*Open Pit
1st Kenny Abbott 2.902
2nd David Chick 2.969
3rd Doug Cottrell 3.105

70-75 competition vehicles in total from Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. And as you can see from above, lots of really close competition in all the classes. You know, it's loads of fun when you can combine stock 6-cylinder trucks, 16 rails, and everything in between, and each & every one of them is giving it their all. Great show guys AND gals!!

Thanks again!!!



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The winning run in Pro Modified:


Last place in Pro Modified


1st place in the Outlaw class


Oddly enough, the 2nd & 3rd runs here were made by the same guy & he doesn't own either of those cars. But, he IS an experienced Pro Stock racer & drives Bigfoot in his "day" job. So, the owners weren't THAT nervous to turn the cars over to him :laughing:

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