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To all the ford guys

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I just got to say you guys are alot cooler than the toyota guys. I recently made the switch to ford i used to post on the toyota board and got sarcasm and ridiculed but you guys seem like you actually want to help rather than inflate your egos. Thats what this is here for right
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EVERY forum on here is helpfull if you ask an intelligent question without your head up your ass. :flipoff2: :stirthepot:
Not always. I have asked a lot of questions on the board in various sections that haven't been able to be answered. They were all very obscure questions however that very few people would likely know however...

For the most part, if you ask an intelligent question you will receive intelligent replies. If you ask a question that has been covered 20,000 times and/or is common knowledge by most people prepared to be flamed. If you ask a stupid question, prepare to get equally as stupid answers.
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