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To all the ford guys

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I just got to say you guys are alot cooler than the toyota guys. I recently made the switch to ford i used to post on the toyota board and got sarcasm and ridiculed but you guys seem like you actually want to help rather than inflate your egos. Thats what this is here for right
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And what the hell is wrong with that question. I am restoring that steering wheel and I needed to know weather or not to clear coat it, cause I needed to know what material it was.

What are you implying by showing that post
This is supposed to be a hardcore technical forum. Fill it with newbish or non-rockcrawling tech and ppl that would/could be helpful with the hardcore stuff will stop coming.
Im sorry but have you read most of the post on here anymore. This isn't as much of a ''HARDCORE ROCKCRAWLING'' site anymore. It's just Like masterbeavis said
It don't say hardcore at the top of the screen anymore.
What i wrote wasn't a dumb question
OK jackass all I wanted to know was what material it was not who's got the smallest dick and the biggest mouth with no life and doesn't have a clue one dating. Now quit fondling your pussy while watching Chuck Norris movies and get a fucking LIFE. Your not cool .
Don't you dare say that it's people like me is the reason why this is not a rock crawling forum. It's more like people like you that think they are the smartest mother fuckers and have to contradict everthing everone sais instead of just being an adult and just answering post to best of your knowledge and just moving on.
SORRY I don't have 1525 post jackass, beings that I have a life.
By the way, I only have a brother you dumb fuck but if you want to ass rape him be my guest FAGGET.
After this post im done with this thread.....
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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