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I am in the process of converting my Torchmate 2 over to using FlashCut CNC software, THC, and buying all new motors so all of the old stuff is up for grabs. I will be completely straight forward and tell you that this system did not work 100% of the time for me and that is the reason for the upgrade. While everything works, I think it's just older technology. The THC functions in every way, it just has the same quirks as all of these tables had and I am tired of messing with it. If I had the time to tinker with it and wasn't paying bills off of the table I would put the time into this system instead of upgrading in a heart beat.

There is (2) of the 380 Oz. In. stepper motors with Molex connectors that shipped with the table. There is nothing wrong with these motors and they function fine, I just wanted to start fresh and get the table up to date across the board since I was getting into it anyway. I'll let these go for $60 for the pair and the 25' cables that go with them, I don't want to separate and have to mess with shipping twice.

Next we have the Blue Screen AVHC, Z-Axis Lifter, and all associated cables. I would rather sell this as a whole but will split up if I can get each piece sold at the same time. I've had a hard time finding anything to base price off of on these so I'll start with $500 for the Blue Screen controller and $500 for the Z-Axis Lifter. Cables will go with whoever buys first or whoever wants them, The engraver mount pictured will not come with the Z-Axis Lifter.

Items are in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.


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