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I was on the con 10/26 for a day run. Supposed to be home in Sacto by 6PM for a concert. About 1.5 miles from the Loon Entrance steering wasn't responding. Looked underneath and I tore off all three bolts to the box. Was I fawked! My buddy headed out to Placerville to get replacements, no luck, had to get my wife to drive bolts up from Sacto. Got the bolts at 1:30 AM got off the trail at 3AM. Blew rear u-joint on Icehouse. Slept in rig, sent wife and friends home in her car as I was too tired to pull the rear drive shaft.

Some guys on the trail (it was pretty deserted that night) gave us some beers. Another guy lent us a tent. And someone else had some bolts that were a pretty close match. I cannot remember all their names at this point, but thanks for helping out. I will continue to help people out doing the same.

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