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Well my buddy tony and I have started the planning stage of a trail only rig were going to build...might as well just say buggy. Were starting with a CJ frame & tub, and a 79 j20 donor truck.

We have down most of our design ideas but what we keep throwing around is suspension design. Were throwing around alot of ideas. 4 links and coils or coilovers, leaves (the cheapest route), 1/4 elip, 3/4 elip, hell a lil of both. right now we have the 44 and 60 from the j20, but we have lines on some other axles (ie 70, 14T, etc). We are gonna be runnin full hydro and were still trying to decide whether or not we want to put in rear steer (mainly for the hell of it).

So other then 4 link and coilovers which is a great idea but we really dont have the cash to dump into that what have u guys run that has worked out well? I would like to 4 link the rear and go coils because we would be able to really work setup of the rear half of the vehicle, but thats just me. one idea i think we were throwing aruond was leaves upfront and coils rear, but rear steer is really going to weigh on the decision.

ok guys i wanna hear it


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i like leaves just because of the options and tuneability. personally once i get my f-150 i will have 3/4 elip rear and leaves up front in the end. thats just what i like. i have seen lots of 3 and 4 links with coils that have worked well, but they took so much fine tuning they almost spent more time tuning it then they did on the trail. thats just my .02

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