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I have been looking for an axle for my truck for months. Everytime I find one either the seller backs out or I never hear from them again.

What I am looking for: 1.)'84-'85 toyota axle. It can be stock or mildly built.
2.)Chevy springs 63" for the rear
3.)Tires. I eventually want to fit 37's but for now I'll take 35's, or really cheap and not beat up 33's. Thornbirds need not apply.
4.)A set of 31x10.5x15 tires for a daily driver. All terrain or muds, doesn't matter.

5.)A locker for an '84-'85 toy axle, front and rear.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Either PM me or shout me a holler at 925-938-3088, ask for Mike.

P.S.-- I also have a '95 Chevy ZR-2 S-10 for sale. 122K, a/t, fully loaded. $5500 o.b.o.
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