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Toy knuckles on a sami axle

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anyone did this?
any pics or technical reference would be greatly appreciated-

and PLEASE...

... "just swap the whole axle" guys stay away from this :flipoff2:
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hmm, be kinda sweet. and then i gueese your have yota axles in the front becuase you wouldent wanna adapt to 21 spline (or whatever it it) front end. so just some kind of side gear in the front for new yota axle....

hmm sounds like a long shot, but would be cool to see it done and here how much of a PITA it is
unless you swap out the diff, you'd still be stuck with a necked down chicken bone for an inner axle, where is the strength gain?

you cou ld just as easily put a ring on the sammi birfs and be just as well off.
I have an arb locker in the front.

most side gears from arb differentials are interchangeble, just using a lathe.

can you see the big picture now?:D
only thing i can see is having to get custom length axles...unless your going to make it a yota width axle with a sami chunk.....

do it and post the results.....
Why would you want to do this? The housing is still junk
NC Zuk said:
Why would you want to do this? The housing is still junk
what he said...:confused:
supazuk94 said:
were can i get a tub of this stuff?:laughing:
I can shorten and respline the toy axle shafts o build new one, no problem.

the hybrid axle would be as wide as stock sami + 1" each side, otherwise i guess it would bend in the center section

why I would like to do this?
Because I like to be different:flipoff2:

but also because a sami axle with 33 has the same ground clearence than a toy axle with 37:D and i like to keep my zuk as light (and low) as possibile

I am sure someone over here tried this before but i can't find the thread
Hello Trailjimny,

first, nice Jimny that you have. Mine has a 5inch Liftkit, 1 1/2" Bodylift and 30" Tires and a 4.16Samurai t-case under it.

But I have also a Long Wheel base SJ413, so if you find a solution ore Toy axles, please let me know. ---> [email protected]

I thought I read a year or 2 ago that Paul Easily was doing such a setup. Putting toy birfs or toy knuckles and axle shafts in sammy front housings. The Bullet Boys would know for sure.
shave the yoter diff. and in 79-85 yoters are as wide as you want your new "frankstein" pieces to be.
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