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oops diagram is correct but your pins will be facing like a "T" and not lined up like that. If your going to hook up the alternator to "just make it work" you should have a volt meter and a test light. Just use femal blade terminals and two or three feet of wire to get it going, then you can clean it up. the center plug should be to a switched power source(this is your exciter wire). one of the other wires goes originally to your dash board "charge" lamp. The other wire from the plug is the sense wire, it tells the built in regulator to charge up or down based on the load its sensing. The heavy wire with the 6mm nut of course goes directly to your battery terminal positive.

Anyways hook up the volt meter to the battery and start up the buggy.
it should only read the battery voltage.

connect the center wire (from the plug) to the battery + (nothing will happen)
then connect one of the other two to the battery positive (doesent matter which one since neither is ground) if the second one you connected is "sense' then you should start generating more volts than you started with .
You will have to rev the motor once or twice to get the generation going.
If nothing happens at the volt meter, disconnect the wire you just connected and connect the last of the three wires to the batt+. same deal rev the engine a little and check voltage.

You will always have two wires connected to switched/battery to make the charge.
once you figured out which two wires excite and sense the alternator you can hook up the remaining unused wire to a "charge lamp" or leave it unplugged.

sorry kind of long winded.
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