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Toyota Axle and Other Parts - Prices Include Shipping

Have a few parts laying around that I need to clear out of the garage.

Axle Parts:
3 Solid Axle Hubs (Where lockout bolts to) - $55 shipped each
Stock Birfield - $40 shipped
Long side Inner Axles - $35 shipped each
Short side Inner Axles - $25 shipped each
4 Solid Axle Spindles - $35 shipped each
Driver's Side Knuckle - $50 shipped
Passenger Side Knuckle - $50 shipped
1984 Stock Front CV Drive Shaft - $90 shipped

Steering Parts:
Stock Steering Arms (Pair) - $45 shipped
1/8" wall Tie Rod for High Steer tapped for 3/4" Heim - $30 shipped
Stock 1985 Power Steering High Pressure Line - $15 shipped

Misc Parts:
1985 AFM (Top Part of Air box) - $45 shipped
22RE Intake tube (From air box to intake with no cracks) - $55 Shipped
1985 Gas Tank Sending Unit (All internal wires intact, connector missing) - $25 shipped

I prefer to accept PayPal but can also do Money Orders. I ship via DHL or the United States Postal Service.

Pics of the hubs and spindles:
(Click to Enlarge)

Here's the pic of the Fuel Tank Sending Unit:
(Click to Enlarge)

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Will you still do (previous ad of yours i saw) $40 for the passenger knuckle? Have paypal will send money, send me your paypal account address!

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