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Fully built Toyota straight axles from a 1985 pickup. Here's the list of upgrades:

- 5.29s
- OG Longfield axles
- TG Armor
- TG Full highsteer
- TG Trunion bearing eliminator kit
- TG Super metal knuckle studs
- TG Super metal hub studs
- TG Drive flange kit
- (3) new spare FJ80 tie rod ends and misc front end parts

The stock axle was rebuilt w/ new bearings and seals - obviously now it has had a few wheeling trips and isn't as "new" as it once was but everything is in good working order.

- 5.29
- full spool
- TG Armor

(2) Toyota "high angle" drive shafts, (1) tube and Toyota end if you needed to lengthen one of the driveshafts to fit your rig, and (1) new oem Toyota ujoint $100 for all

Axles are located in Yakima, WA. I am asking $1700, less than half of the $$$ that's been thrown at these axles. Will split up if I have buyers for both. NO TRADES, willing to strap to pallet and ship through fastenal on buyers dime. Have paypal.


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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