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Ok, I'm looking to see what I can get for my toy axles.

The front is an 85 with full bottom truss, a custom top truss with toy emblem in it, top and bottom knuckle gussetts with shock mounts, LONGS just replaced under warrany, custom 6 stud arms and knuckles with 5/8" studs, the thicker rock rings on the seals, custom diff guard, HIGH pinion 3rd with spool and 5.29's, IFS Hubs and rotor spacer, Leaf spring mounts with no ubolts (uses 5/8" fine thread Gr 8 bolts), TG king pin eliminators.

The Rear is from an 88 v6, IFS width, TG Life-Time Warranty axles, V6 3rd, 5.29's, lock-right, stock drum brakes.

Both axles have 1.25" wheel spacers on them.

1500 for everything. Pick up only in Altoona, PA.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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