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Toyota build round #3 (3rd gen)

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I figured it's time to change directions yet again for my truck and go third gen.
This is my current rig that ive been building for the past year and a half and I'm wanting to change it up a bit.
Here's the complete build thread for it.


I have been wanting to build a 3rd gen extra can for a while now, ever since I finished mine it was just something I wanted to do. So over this past weekend I picked up a super clean can with full glass and doors, a second cab to donate the interior out of.

And I'm going to be using this cab

Plans for this round are going to basically be:
Removal of current cab and cage
Removal of my wiring harness, cluster, and column.
Move body mounts on current frame to accept the new cab.
Build another custom tranny tunnel
Mount seats
Install harness and cluster out of 2nd gen(next post will explain)
Full exo still debating on a bed or not
Then down the road it's getting a front 3link and propane.

More to come..
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Subd, You got love the room in a 3rd gen x cab.
Why not go tube and just double bob the skins and attach them to the tube?
Pussy there are free road signs every where, just got to unbolt them when no one is looking.:flipoff2:
Wow you building a battle ship?:flipoff2:
Damn wish I could find a sign like that!
I work at a sign shop, such a thing can be arranged.
Floor is badass.
Thats shitty, hope it turns up.
Do it, a full skid boatside combo would be bad ass. Just don't cock block your self for a future link upgrade.
Hell yea.
Well I cut up the bed I have to start te double bob dovetail tonight, pics up of progress tonight..

42days left and counting
Thats what I'm talking about, the pressure isn't real unless you set a deadline. I get more done that way.
Depends on the size of the unsupported areas.
At 7x12 I think you would be fine with 1/8", Lighter is better if you can get away with it. Since going to the light weight buggy it makes my tired old 22re feel all spunky like. I used a lot of 1/8 and 3/16 were before I would have have just used 1/4 because bigger is better, to try to stay light. Lighter rig will be easier on parts so you can beat on it harder.
Hard to tell from the pics but are the bed sides and tail gate going to be pinned to tube or are you doing a standard bed floor?
Looking good, Hurry up clocks tickin.:flipoff2:
Looks good. You are inspiring me to actually do some work on mine, I got lazy and have taking it out to play instead of finishing it up.
Like the front bumper, love the tube under the fender, the exo on the xcab not so much but waiting till its finished to hate it. The c pillar should have had the slight bend like the b pillar but its way too late now. I agree with not letting it go down to the wire, I was still buttoning up little shit the day we left for our last trip and that shit sucks.
Inner bed looks good, still enough room in there for a full size spare? I think you will be ok on the shifter just shift in the normal pattern.
Shit I love the sound of a pipe saw running full blast after dark.
That creek bed looks like a fun place to play.
So trucks going to gain some weight and tire size.:smokin:
Chev 60/14 bolt combo
Sell out.:flipoff2:
1 - 20 of 808 Posts
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