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Toyota build round #3 (3rd gen)

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I figured it's time to change directions yet again for my truck and go third gen.
This is my current rig that ive been building for the past year and a half and I'm wanting to change it up a bit.
Here's the complete build thread for it.


I have been wanting to build a 3rd gen extra can for a while now, ever since I finished mine it was just something I wanted to do. So over this past weekend I picked up a super clean can with full glass and doors, a second cab to donate the interior out of.

And I'm going to be using this cab

Plans for this round are going to basically be:
Removal of current cab and cage
Removal of my wiring harness, cluster, and column.
Move body mounts on current frame to accept the new cab.
Build another custom tranny tunnel
Mount seats
Install harness and cluster out of 2nd gen(next post will explain)
Full exo still debating on a bed or not
Then down the road it's getting a front 3link and propane.

More to come..
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dammit I want that cab :D
Scissor lift to "lift" the cab, I have seen it all now. That cab looks sick!
So with that floor board cut only that much are you still going to be flat belly? I ma going to copy what you are doing since you are doing all the research and making it super easy for me now :D
Hahaha yeah I just rough cut the front so I can start to get the firewall taken care of. It's getting cut all the way back for the flatbelly, just didn't get to it last night.
Hurry up :flipoff2:
That's it :p
Can you snap some more pics of the back of the cab section and floor?
Your floor totally fucked me up this morning and crossed my eyes, looks good though :smokin:
I would run full boat sides if you are going to do it at all, not because I have ever done it, but because I have wanted too. Something like frigginxj's is teets :smokin: I am actually thinking about ditching my slider and bringing them in tighter to the cab.
I am strongly considering boat siding mine now :smokin: Who wants to buy my sliders :grinpimp::grinpimp:
Where's the camo? :flipoff2: Looks good.
Are you going to moon rocks? Come down in June and lets wheel fordyce :D
I like the cage running in the fender like that, real clean.
Nice dude. I was tryin to figure out where the x behind my cab was tying in I may just run it to the sliders like you have done, lookin good.
I know another question about the damn flat belly :laughing: was there enough slip in the rear driveline when you pushed the drivetrain up? I don't remember from round 2. Looking good as always dude!
I'm not sure. I did the flatbelly at the same time I did duals so I had to get a driveline built. Plus I put a cv on the rear shaft. I'd assume you would have to get the driveline adjusted.
Right on thanks, I figured as much.
You fawkers and your boatsides :flipoff2: I'm jealous

Cut-off saw :laughing: that's how I cut shit up too, who needs a plasma cutter :grinpimp:

Good call on the tapered holes. I see a lot of folks run hex head bolts with no protection and they get fawked and hard to remove. Makes no sense.
Too much typing, more pictures :flipoff2::D
umm have you checked your thread:flipoff2:
Haha kdub why haven't you gone tons yet? I thought you were gonna?
I know I know, I am actively selling parts from that truck but the wife is still on maternity leave from work so money is tight :( but I will get there eventually. I was originally going to part my truck out but I feared it may sit too long and I wouldn't have money for the tons yet blah blah blah. The baby and work is keeping me pretty busy but I need to get on it.
1 - 20 of 808 Posts
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