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Toyota build round #3 (3rd gen)

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I figured it's time to change directions yet again for my truck and go third gen.
This is my current rig that ive been building for the past year and a half and I'm wanting to change it up a bit.
Here's the complete build thread for it.


I have been wanting to build a 3rd gen extra can for a while now, ever since I finished mine it was just something I wanted to do. So over this past weekend I picked up a super clean can with full glass and doors, a second cab to donate the interior out of.

And I'm going to be using this cab

Plans for this round are going to basically be:
Removal of current cab and cage
Removal of my wiring harness, cluster, and column.
Move body mounts on current frame to accept the new cab.
Build another custom tranny tunnel
Mount seats
Install harness and cluster out of 2nd gen(next post will explain)
Full exo still debating on a bed or not
Then down the road it's getting a front 3link and propane.

More to come..
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Last night I got to thinking about the gauges and was trying to figure out what to do. I fucked with the clusters for like 15 min modifying them and what I ended up with was a 2nd gen sr5 cluster with a 3rd lens fitting inside the new dash perfectly! So no wiring headaches or anything for me or sourcing an ecu.

3rd gen cluster and dash piece

Am the modified 2nd/3rd gen.:smokin:

More to come tonight or tomorrow I'll keep this thread fairly updated. Everything should be done by early may.
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Subd, You got love the room in a 3rd gen x cab.
Thats 100% the reason behind doing this!

Btw your buggy is looking fawkin SICK!
i wish i had more room :( dumb first gens!!!
I'm surprised you fatass fits:flipoff2:
Looks good. Did you slap that onto a shortbed STD cab frame? I don't have to move my axle since my wheelbase isalready 121
dammit I want that cab :D
Neener neener :flipoff2:
I'm gonna re-do and rock the camo. Your truck gave me the inspiration.
I'm most likely gonna build a tube bed for it if I don't find a bed for cheap. And I'm trying to sell my complete cab and cage and just build a new one.
Thanks. It was one of those uhh I wonder moments haha
i have the skull-o-flage templates, should you desire :evil:
?? Huh? You mean the gussets Drewp sent ya?
Not much done today. But I have my seats out harness 50% pulled and I pulled the exo off with the help of a few buddies.
It startedto snow so I gave up for the night. If all goes well tomorrow I'll have the cab and bed off and ready to be sold.

Btw this is sorta what I'm going to go for on the bed. This is my buddies bud's truck. 3rz with tripple cases and 42's:smokin:

More to come...
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how much for cage? and jj truck is gay lol
Pm sent.
No I'm going full exo but I'm going to do the rear bed area similar to the 2nd gen. Unless I find a cheap bed, but I'm not looking forward to a double bob then dove.
Why not go tube and just double bob the skins and attach them to the tube?
You sir are a genius:smokin: that is what I will do now. Have no clue why I didn't think of that haha
This weekend was fairly productive, cage has been removed and sold. Interior, wiring, and fuel lines have been pulled, cab and bed have been lifted of and ready to be sold if anyone locally wants em:flipoff2: plans for this week are getting harness pulled and cab mounts moved on frame and hopefully get the can set on by Friday. Pics up soon as stuff gets done.
Current condition as it sat yesterday.:laughing:

Took some measurements last night and found that the rear can mount only needs to go back about 8-9" ish and I'm debating on moving my rear axle back so it's a little more proportional to the cab but well see.
More to come.
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i have a bed 50 bucks and its yours one sides pretty clean the other side has some damage but its nothin super bad
Where you located? Does it have lights and tailgate?
Did you sell the 2nd bed?

And thanks for the cage:smokin:
No not yet if you want it I'll sell it CHEAP! lol

If you did this where would that put your wheel base?
I think I'd regret it cuz I'm already at 120-121 ish:laughing:

i have a tail gate 75 for the bed and tail gate,
i dont have the tail lights
im in albany
Barry gave me your number if your around this weekend I'll give ya a call man.
Your going to finally cage my old 2nd Gen cab aye...when we going wheeling. Did you finish my half doors

I call second dibs on that 3rd Gen bed...............seriously

85 thanx for the bushings ....did you try my homebrew yet.
Yeah no prob man. Yeah I tried a bit tonight with dinner. Re sealed the bottle an will finish tomorrow. Pretty good stuff! I think the citrus stuff won outta the two though but there both damn good brews!
This weekend has been fairly productive for me. Yesterday I managed to get the rest of my old chassis sold deliverer the bed to one town, cab to another, then drove south and picked up a bed and tailgate so I can run skins.

This morning I finished cutting off the forewardmost bed mount and I welded on the new cab mounts. Did some measuring and this is what I got for future references for people doing this swap or whatever.

Center to center of third gen front mount to rear mount is roughly 61.75" and the rear mount on the 2nd gen center to the center of the new rear mount is 9" give or take an 1/8". I should have this cab dropped on the frame today if all goes well and then it's a matter of slapping everything back together in the interior and building a tunnel and a cage.
Pic for shits n gigs

More to come
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Well got the cab on. Gotta love having work eqp. at home:laughing:

Still have to do a little trimming and it's ready to re-assemble.

More to come this week.
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