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Toyota build round #3 (3rd gen)

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I figured it's time to change directions yet again for my truck and go third gen.
This is my current rig that ive been building for the past year and a half and I'm wanting to change it up a bit.
Here's the complete build thread for it.


I have been wanting to build a 3rd gen extra can for a while now, ever since I finished mine it was just something I wanted to do. So over this past weekend I picked up a super clean can with full glass and doors, a second cab to donate the interior out of.

And I'm going to be using this cab

Plans for this round are going to basically be:
Removal of current cab and cage
Removal of my wiring harness, cluster, and column.
Move body mounts on current frame to accept the new cab.
Build another custom tranny tunnel
Mount seats
Install harness and cluster out of 2nd gen(next post will explain)
Full exo still debating on a bed or not
Then down the road it's getting a front 3link and propane.

More to come..
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Did you sell the 2nd bed?

And thanks for the cage:smokin:
you bought his cage joel???? dope!!!
Let a buddy use two tires for mockup doing links.

Hell yeah scissor lofts for the motha fuckin win!
i use man power!!!
That's what I'm thinking too. 83crawler12 had one he was gonna sell me for 600 plus 2 tanks but he was an ass and sold it . :flipoff2:
damn im only in my swap 500 so far, and i havent even sold my 22r year
thats sicks man, to bad you didnt get it, o well
o ya?? sounds like alot of money and problems!
why dont you just do 22re on propane? you said you didnt like wires, and 2rz has alot more wiring then 22re
ill keep my eye out Ryan, and man your floor is sick, i wanna do cool stuff like you :)
well now i do! ha its those kinda things that makes trucks sick, i got some ideas in my head for mine
1 - 20 of 808 Posts
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