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Toyota build round #3 (3rd gen)

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I figured it's time to change directions yet again for my truck and go third gen.
This is my current rig that ive been building for the past year and a half and I'm wanting to change it up a bit.
Here's the complete build thread for it.


I have been wanting to build a 3rd gen extra can for a while now, ever since I finished mine it was just something I wanted to do. So over this past weekend I picked up a super clean can with full glass and doors, a second cab to donate the interior out of.

And I'm going to be using this cab

Plans for this round are going to basically be:
Removal of current cab and cage
Removal of my wiring harness, cluster, and column.
Move body mounts on current frame to accept the new cab.
Build another custom tranny tunnel
Mount seats
Install harness and cluster out of 2nd gen(next post will explain)
Full exo still debating on a bed or not
Then down the road it's getting a front 3link and propane.

More to come..
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Little poser pic inspiration for you. Just finished my cab swap bout a week ago.
Didnt go too indepth with it, meaning i didnt cut the floor out or notch the frame to make it fit, put a 1" body lift on it whch i didnt really wanna do but i also didnt want to start hacking the new cab up quite yet.
Also moved my rear axle back 7" to clear the cab.
And i LOVE the room, im 6'2" and a standard cab just inst comfortable, especially since i drive this thing to where i wanna wheel, i can sleep in it now!

Good luck with the build. Im interested to see how you rework your exo.
Trying to get one done before i total this cab too...:D
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Looks good. Did you slap that onto a shortbed STD cab frame? I don't have to move my axle since my wheelbase isalready 121
Thanks man, yeah it was a standard cab to begin with.
Thats funny, i was looking at your exo more than the truck and missed the whole extra cab part! That will make fitting it on a little better, wont need a body lift at least like me.
I did dual cases at the same time so moving the rear axle back was just perfect, I didnt have to make a new D line. Sitting at 111" now.

What are you thinking for your exo? Sell what you got and start fresh or build off of what you got?

Also i vote for keeping a bed! If i hadnt destroyed mine when i rolled it i would have still used it, buddy sold me the one on the truck now for $60. Couldnt pass up the deal.
1 - 2 of 808 Posts
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