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I am switching to a 203-205 doubler and I want to sell my current doubler.

I'll get pics later

21 spline stock 2.28 4 cyl front case, forward shift
Marlin MC08R10 Billet doubler adapter, rotated 10 degrees, the first rotated design available
23 spline 4.7 Marlin Chro-Mo gears, top shift rear case
T-case e-brake
Wilwood spot caliper
FROR case mount
Marlin 10 degree rotated twin-stick

SPARE 23 spline 4.7 input
SPARE 21 spline coupler

I'm in Belleville, IL, willing to ship on your dime. I can only check the shipping prices on weekends, so work with me.

I have over $1400 in just upgrades

$1000 + shipping

PM or post here.

I also have a flat belly skidplate/ crossmember that matched this setup for an additional $250. It will require separate shipping, possibly freight.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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