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1. Marlin Front 6" Eye to Eye lift shackles (Toyota) $15.00

2. Two 81 Toyota 4x4 doors (BEAT but usable) $20 for BOTH

3. Two bucket seats, will work in toyota if you drill new ront holes $20 for both. (not pretty but functional.

4. 87 toyota 4x4 tilt column, no keys, after market steering wheel $20.00

5. 1981 Toyota 4x4 tailgate $20.00

6. 1981 toyota 4x4 rear tail lights (blacked out) $20.00

7. GM type 2 power steering pump & resevoir (low miles) $20.00

8. B&M star shifter and cable (48"), dont have the plastic piece, have mount for turbo 350 $20.00

9. Jeep best top sunrider rear and side windows (spice color) $20.00

10. Rear hoop for 1981 toyota 4x4. bends into frame and goes around cab, great for starter on tube bed, Has a little twist and I think I need to bend it a little more to make it centered on the toyota frame, I didn't finish it because I thought it had a bow in the middle but it was the cab making optical illusions and I figured it out when the second one was the same way. Will give measurements on request! $75.00

11. 1981 Toyota 4x4 heater core and blower motor $15.00

12. 1981 toyota 4x4 sliding rear window (lock is NOT brocken) $20.00

13. 1984 Toyota 2wd solid rear window $20.00

14. Small block chevy low alternator mount (chrome) $20.00

15. Nice wood and glass table with two chairs $30.00

16. formica table, round in shape useable with 4 chairs. Not really ugly, I just like real wood. $30.00

17. 2005 Yamaha raptor front shocks and tie rods (maybe 60 hours) $20.00

I need this crap out of my garage! please help me out!

I think the prices are reasonable but barter if you want, farthest north I go is molalla, south is salem!!

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