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I am going to build a flat bed, so I would like to sell the bed I have now. It's the long bed, and I had a tube-cage built on top. The purpose of the cage was to have a canvas top for shade and protection of my gear in the rain. It also makes a nice tent and place to camp instead of the traditional tent. the bed has some battle wounds, and is spray painted, but its not that bad, especially for a trail truck. The tubing and work done is only a couple of months old, and I spent about $250 in just the tubing. I am only asking $100 dollars, to help recover some cost for the material for the new project.

Here is a link to a PIRATE4X4 page that I posted a picture on. Call me if you would like to know anything else. I am in Placerville CA. My name is Brandon and my phone number is 530 558 5788.

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