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Does anybody have the measurements of a Toyota pinion flange that came on an 85 or similar truck?

I need the center of hole to center of hole measurements and the diagonal measurement.

Also, what is the diameter of the holes, i.e. what size of bolt do they use.


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I haven't confirmed these yet but I combiled this info from another recent post. Goodluck

Toyota Bolt pattern listing:

U-Joint pattern '79 thru '83 (maybe early '84)
3.340"[84.8mm] Bolt Cirlce
2.200"[55.9mm] x 2.525"[64.1mm] Rectangular pattern
(4) holes .335"[8.5mm] Diameter

CV-Joint pattern '79 thru '83 (maybe early '84)
3.575"[90.8mm] Bolt Cirlce
2.350"[59.7mm] x 2.670"[67.8mm] Rectangular pattern
(4) holes .335"[8.5mm] Diameter

U-Joint pattern '84 and later
3.323"[84.4mm] Bolt Circle
2.350"[59.7mm] x 2.350"[59.7mm] Square pattern
(4) holes .413"[10.5mm] Diameter

CV-joint pattern '84 and later
3.636"[92.4mm] Bolt Cirlce
2.350"[59.7mm] x 2.775"[70.5mm] Rectangular pattern
(4) holes .413"[10.5mm] Diameter
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