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I'm moving soon, and need to get rid of my stash. If theres aything special you're looking for it never hurts to ask, I may have it packed away in a box somewhere.

for starters, I have a 7M-GE engine (linky) and a G52 5speed trans (also a link) for sale in their respective forums.

IFS shafts, boots in good shape ..... $15 ea.
IFS auto locking hubs ..... $25 pair
2 standard J arms ..... $15 ea.
IFS stering pitman arm ..... $20
steering stabilizer used with crossover, .... $20
2 SA tierods, one straight and in good shape ... $20
one good for a trail spare (pictured below) ... $10
rancho RS9187 ('90-'95 truck / 4runner front I think) one has a dent in the can but still works, .... $40 pair
V6 throttle body w/ TPS, $50
20R starter ... $20
20R alternator ... $20
stock rear springs from an '87 4runner ... $30
hood from a '78 pickup, no dents, spraypainted black ... GONE
tailgate from a '78 PU, primer gray, good shape ... GONE
Harbor Freight pipe masher ... $50

Stuff not pictured below, pics available upon request
'84-'89 4runner rear window relay ... $25
'84-'89 truck / 4runner chrome front bumper w/ end caps, OK shape ... $20
22RE intake plenum, and lower manifold ... $10
V6 brake booster and master cyl, ... $30

yes I'll ship, at buyers expense :p



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Squirley, shipping the bender would cost $42 (~120lbs) they're like $99 new so if you have a HF near you you might as well get one there, but if not and you want it I can pack it in two boxes, fedex says they should take 3 days to arrive.

Robtech, the bender would be $35 to get to you, and the pitman arm would be $7

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ok if squirley doesnt want the bender i'll take both the bender and the pitman arm....otherwise i'll take the pitman arm reguardless...
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