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ok time to clear out some misc. stuff I have lying around. Shipping is not included, but if you give me your zip code I'll give you a quote. If you think my prices are way off, make me an offer.

HEAR YE, HEAR YE, STUFF I AM LOOKING FOR: I'm in need of a power antenna mast for an '84 4runner, and a pair of the moulded / contoured style door panels that came in '87-'89 (I think) 4runners!

oil pressure sender (not the idiot light switch) from a 22re, I replaced the stock gauge wich still worked with a nifty aftermarket one. $10

Transfercase shifter $25

solid axle steering arms, one from each side, $15 ea.

" " tie rod, not perfectly straight but not too bent, definately fine for a spare, $15

V6 brake booster from an 88 truck $30

Pair of V6 front calipers from same truck, $40/pair

rear pass. side taillight / signal lense from 1st gen 4runner, small crack in clear reverse part of the lense $10

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