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Hey guys. I am putting yota axles in. I switched the lines around so i have one output from master going to front brakes, and one line going to the T on the yota axle.
I know i prolly need a proportioning valve for the rear. I saw the Wilwood on spidertrax's site, but it is expensive.
Would a cheapo like this be ok?
Or what about this summit brand?

I know i will need metric adapters for both.

Next, i need longer lines for the front. I have heard of the nissan lines and such, but i happen to have a set of stock tracker lines.

The have a female fitting at one end, and the round (i think they're called banjo fittings?) fitting that a bolt goes through to bolt it to the caliper.
Can these be used with the yota calipers??

Thank you!
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