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traction bar mounting

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Hey, got a few questions, i have a traction bar from Sams. The problems i'm facing right now are that my dual exhaust runs right in the way of where it should mount, in otherwords the mufflers sit right where the bar should. Opitions i'm thinking of are 1: straight pipes, but wonder bout seriously messing up the needed compression for my 400sbc to run good. 2: there is enough room if I can weld a fabbed bracket to the rear of my Dana 60 housing, but not sure bout welding on the housing. Well, that's all i got for now........any advice or pics or suggestions would be great.
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Did you get the heavy duty bar from sams or the normal one? If you got the smaller of the two good luck... I have bent mind many many times. Now I am replacing it and making my own with much thicker steel
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