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I've got 2 front (steering) u-joint rockwell axles with spools from Overson Engineering and leak proof outer seals from Custom OffRoad. The axles have been shaved and mowhawked, I've got a spare set of u-joint axles, hummer H1 rims that I've removed the 8 lug centers and welded in 6 lug rockwell lug pattern and 44" Super Swampers. I'm looking to sell everything together, asking $4k obo. Pm me if interested. I might be interested in partialy trading for a good running 1950's era hemi motor and tranny for my street rod. It's a long shot but I've seen alot of cars come out of Idaho. My brother lives in Pocatello might be able to work something out for delivery. Pic's can be seen at,



the password is cod1lex
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