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I have an sm465 mated to an np 203 gearbox (no output shaft I already had it modified for the project but you can pull one off the 400 box) this was working fine when I pulled if from the truck, was spinning 44 inch boggers with a healthy 350 with no funny noises except the input for the 465 which had a bad bearing. (oh yeah the tranny dosn't have an input shaft right now but I can throw in one if needed)
I am in need of TWO th400 203 gearboxes for my newest project. (will consider th350 boxes if I can't find the 400's)
I will pay shipping for the two boxes, you would pay shipping for the tranny+203. I would be happy to split up and send whatever parts you need if you would do the same to one of yours to cut down shipping costs. (as I understand it the adapter and 10 spline output shaft / input gear are the hard to get parts?)
all located in petawawa ontario canada.
also note I am deployed to afganistan now and will not be able to ship untill the end of january.
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