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Coming October 5th-8th to Southern Utah is the only event in 2 decades of rock sports history to place all aspects of our great sport into one picturesque/powerhouse location. This event will have quite a few very defining features that will bring in a broad interest on multiple levels.

To understand this event, you must first look at the world class facility of Sand Hollow, in Hurricane, Utah. Offering thousands of all access off-road acreage embedded with trails ranging from Mild to Wild; Sand Hollow also offers the only location that entails a 5 star resort retreat complete with 18 hole golf course, villas, off-road rentals, and services. Along with lake access year round, both dry and wet camping facilities, and the very off-road friendly City of Hurricane, only 3 miles away make this a prime location.

Trail Hero will host a Charitable Raffle conducted and collected by Utah 4Wheel Drive Association during the event, as well as 4 days of trail rides on 28+ trails for stock Jeeps, Buggies, and UTV’s. This Trail Ride is designed to keep the entertainment flowing for participants with the ability to watch or take part in various features throughout the week. After the trails are done for the day, riders can conquer “Bounty” obstacles, break new ground on the hardest trail in the country, capture a night Rock Crawl competition, showcase a high speed Endurance Race, and tie together the industry with a very formidable vendor show that features charitable raffles, live music, onsite catering, car show, and Closing Ceremonial Film of the event. Furthermore, Trail Hero will also feature the first ever Rock Sports Gala on the greens of Sand Hollow Resort.

Simply put, no single event has ever had every aspect of our sport on one platform until now, all while being FREE to Spectators. Charitable donations accepted by Utah Public Lands Alliance and Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association.

Check out our website at www.thetrailhero.com and find out how you can become a Trail Hero for our Public Lands.
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